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Become a Guardian

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At Tall Timbers Labradoodles, we partner with selected homes and families to

provide care for our breeding dogs.  We want each of our dogs to have a forever

home in which they can receive individual attention with all the love that our dogs

deserve.  We look for families who will work with us to provide the best care for

each of our breeding dogs.

We require that our Guardians live within 50 miles of Tall Timbers Labradoodles

and are willing to allow us access to your home and property for scheduled visits. 

A Guardian family must provide proper grooming, basic obedience training, and

exemplary security for the dog.  We ask our families to maintain open communication

with us regarding the dog and alert us to any changes to your situation which may

affect the dog. 

When you are chosen to be a Tall Timber's Guardian Home, we will select the best

puppy of the litter to become a part of our breeding program and place this puppy

with you to provide life-long care.  You will pay for all normal costs of daily care and

veterinary expenses of raising a family pet.  Tall Timbers will pay for all reproductive

testing for your puppy between the ages of 3-12 months to determine if your puppy meets our breeding health and temperament standards.

If we are unable to use the chosen dog in our program, the dog will be spayed or neutered at your expense and will remain your family pet at no fee to you.

If a female dog passes all reproductive tests, she will become a part of our breeding program.  A female will have 3-4 litters over the course of her breeding career.  You will be responsible for providing care for her during her pregnancies.  All reproductive expense will be paid by Tall Timbers.  Her puppies will be born at our home and she will care for them for 4-6 weeks before being returned to you.  At the end of her breeding career (at approximately 3-4 years of age), she will be spayed at our expense, retire from our program, and remain with you for the rest of her life.

If you are a Guardian Home for a male stud, you will need to make your dog available when he is needed for breeding.  This may involve allowing females to come to your home for mating or transporting your male dog to the veterinarians office for an assisted mating.  At the end of his breeding career (at approximately 5-6 years of life), he will be neutered at our expense, retire from our program, and remain with you for the rest of his life.     

The cost of becoming a Guardian Family for Tall Timbers is $500.  The balance of $2500 is waived.



Loveable Labradoodles "Jamison" at Tall Timbers

Meet Jamison
He is a mini stud who is looking for a guardian home!

Born December 25, 2022, he now weighs 20lbs and stands 16" tall at the shoulder.  He is an extremely friendly, happy guy whose tail is always wagging.  He is house trained, crate trained, does fabulous on a leash, great with kids, and has THE softest coat ever.  We know he will do great in any home - one full of kids, or as a retirement companion.  Let us know if you'd like to come meet Jamison today!

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian with Tall Timbers, please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch!

Thanks for submitting!

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